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OUGD303 DP - Brief

Module Brief TitleCONTEXT & PRACTICESemester1 & 2

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Final Major Project 
Part 3 - Design Practice


Negotiate, plan and carry out a set of briefs that will allow you to demonstrate a deep understanding of specific processes, practices and production methods appropriate to your individual professional and creative ambitions as a Graphic Designer. In resolving your chosen briefs you should aim to demonstrate a high level of conceptual, practical and production skills through the investigation of appropriate content development, research methods and design practices.

You should aim to include briefs from a recognised national/international competition such as D & AD, YCN, ISTD etc. as well as live briefs where possible/appropriate
Background / Considerations
It is your ambitions as a designer that should inform the nature of your work which in itself should reflect upon your experiences to date. Your creative skills, design interests, ethical, moral and commercial views as well as an increasingly informed understanding of opportunities within professional working practices should help you establish individual lines of enquiry. How you choose to work and to what ends is down to you.

What ever your ambitions or intentions, you should make sure that your work demonstrates and significant understanding of issues relating to message, meaning, audience, context and Function. Analysis of these issues should form the basis of the key deign decisions that you make throughout this project. Documenting your ongoing critical evaluation and selection will form the basis of an effective Design Practice.

The quantity, quality and nature of the briefs that you propose should reflect your understanding of the academic, creative and professional level of work required of Level 06 study. 
Briefs and the work produced in response to them – should reflect a deep understanding of message, meaning, audience and context and should be supported by evidence of significant analysis, research investigation into appropriate subject matter, themes and production.
Live/competition or short briefs should be included as part of a broader or more significant strategy

Mandatory RequirementsDeliverables

The resolution to each brief should be supported by an appropriate level of research and development work presented in an appropriate format (posts to your blog, development file, pdf notebook etc.)
Your work should be resolved, contextualised and presented to a level that reflects your individual professional concerns as a designer.
Work produced in response to negotiated briefs should demonstrate your ability to engage in a significant and considerable body of innovative research and development appropriate to your concerns as a Graphic Designer.
All research activities and source material should be evidenced through regular postings to your FMP blog. You should support the documentation with appropriate levels of analysis and critical evaluation. All posts should be labelled/tagged OUGD303DP and the relevant brief number. SEE ADDITIONAL BRIEFINGS & HANDOUTS

Each brief should be presented on between 3 & 6 A2 presentation boards supported by any digital material in appropriate formats/media.

Any supporting work should be ordered and presented in A2 plastic sleeves (maximum 1 per brief).

Evidence of research and design development should be posted to your Final Major Project blog. And labelled as briefed.

Further details relating to the submission and appropriate formats can be discussed during progress surgeries. There will be a Final Assessment Briefing on Tuesday 14th May (to be confirmed) which will outline specific submission requirements and clarify any outstanding issues
Studio DeadlineModule Deadline

Friday 1st February 2013
Wednesday 29th May 2013 -1pm 

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