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OUGD303 DC - Brief

Module Brief TitleCONTEXT & PRACTICESemester1 & 2

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Final Major Project - Part 2

The appropriate relationship between content, design and communication is integral to a successful design practice and should be informed by an indepth knowledge and understanding of specific areas of interest. This brief encourages you to investigate develop and resolve a body of work that is appropriate to your own individual areas of creative, professional, ethical, practical and theoretical interest. 
Undertake a period of sustained and indepth research into specific graphic design disciplines, professional practices, social/ethical/commercial considerations and industrial production methods relevant to your own individual design practice and creative concerns. You will need to use your FMP blog to document your on going investigation, organisation, critical analysis and evaluation of research activities and source material. Research activities should include visits to studios, interviews, questionnaires as well as material from a breadth of secondary sources.

Based on your research into part 1 of this brief, produce a graphic product for print or digital delivery that effectively communicates the context of your design practice. This should take the form of a book, interactive dvd, or website depending on your chosen content & media. 
Your aim should be to design and produce the book that you wish you could buy, the website you wish you could visit or the dvd that you could play that would explain to everyone (yourself included) who YOU are as a designer. What and who has influenced you? what do you want to say? How do you want to say it? What are you passionate about? What inspires you? As well as Why?
Background / Considerations

Your ability to identify analyse and respond to current design issues trends and opportunities will lie at the heart of your rationale as a designer. In order to exploit your potential and achieve your ambitions it is essential that the right people get to see your work.

This brief requires a comprehensive approach to the gathering, organising and presenting of a sustained body of research. You will need to identify relevant subject matter that will allow you to engage in in-depth research from a range of primary & secondary sources – books, websites, interviews, questionnaires etc.

Your resolution to the brief should demonstrate a high level of creative and technical competency appropriate to professional distribution. You should also be able to demonstrate a selective, critical and informed approach to your source material.


Mandatory RequirementsDeliverables

Your Response should contain:
An introduction to your chosen content.
A clearly stated rationale.
Evidence of your ability to select, organise and effectively present content that helps to contextualise the work that
 you are producing in response to part 2 of the Module brief.

All references should be acknowledged in line with the Institutions policy on plagiarism.

You will need to produce a pdf copy of your resolution for course archiving purposes.

All research activities and source material should be evidenced through regular postings to your FMP blog. You should support the documentation with appropriate levels of analysis and critical evaluation. All posts should be labelled/tagged OUGD303DC and (where necessary) the relevant brief number. SEE ADDITIONAL BRIEFINGS & HANDOUTS

A printed book, interactive dvd or functioning website appropriate to the content of your research, creative ambitions and professional practice

A Research file (in the form of your FMP Blog) of organised primary and secondary source material (including evidence of relevant design development). Where content cannot for any reason be posted to your blog you should submit evidence in an organised and clearly labeled file,disc or appropriate digital format.
Studio DeadlineModule Deadline
See eStudio for detailsWednesday 29th May 2013 -1pm  

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